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Specialized Education and Training Prior to Economic Market Transmission
Нийтэлсэн: Бүрэнжаргал
Огноо: 2011-01-06
Before the Revolution in Mongolia dominated a nomadic husbandry and education of specialized professions was completely unfamiliar to the people among the particular level. Small handcraft was developing as interest or necessity.
Even now, Mongolians craft traditional and contemporary style belonging such as Mongolian ger, furniture inside the ger, saddles and bridles related to a Mongolian tradition.
Some particular professions required due to a specifications of foreign traders, businessmen and companies’ activity.
-          15 Gold Mines owned by Chinese
-          Coal Mine in Nalaikh
-          Russian-Mongolian Printing Committee founded in capital “Niislel Khuree”
-    Coal Mine in Nalaikh, extension of Ulaanbaatar Power Industry
-    Wood processing industry
-    Break factory
-    Metal factory
-    Road in Ulaanbaatar-Altanbulag direction
-          Wool washing factory in Khatgal
-          Industrial plant in Ulaanbaatar
-          Colored metal plant in Chono Gol
                -    Dairy produce, bakery factory
-    Meat, meat produce factory
-    Small companies of supplying wide range of goods
-          Flour factory in Ulaanbaatar, Bulgan, Ulaangom and Dornod
-          Building bridges on some rivers
According to foundation of these factories and industries required basis to organize long and short terms training and educational programs in State which provides Professional education to work as a professional employee and educated human resource.
Educational organizations organized following trainings to make available professional employees in Mongolia:
-          “Mongol Trans” school of operators, auto fitters and lathe-operators
-          Industrial school of preparing professional employees in Ulaanbaatar
-          Factory and industrial schools of professional driller, concentrator, diesel worker, compressor,    digger, reinforcement worker and mine equipments lathe-operator
-          School-plant of dual professions in agricultural branch in Central aimag /Tuv aimag/
-          School plant of dual professions in agricultural branch in Selenge aimag, Shaamar
-          One year training of young herders
Further, it is required to make the country an industrial and agricultural country with professional workers. School of Technical Professions was founded by the 265th degree of Ministers’ Council of the People’s Republic of Mongolia in 1964 and became a foundation of current Professional Training and Production School.
For the first few years of democratic transition, Mongolia faced difficulties such as decrease of house incomes, increase of unemployment, aggravation of living condition of the public however, overcame those intricacies and became a country with all possibilities to develop private sectors with a favorable market economy condition. In order to educate, train and develop the professional knowledge of employees working in small and medium companies of private sector, professional education providers changed their structure and organize long and short terms diploma and non-diploma trainings under the jurisdictions of Colleges, Universities or as a complex school. Considering the development of the education, it is noticeable that visible State centralized strategy is in urgent need.
Following tables show the origin and development of training organizations which provide professional training, increase of the students participating in trainings and increase of number of instructors accordingly.
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 Specialized Education and Training Prior to Economic Market Transmission Download attachment for detailed information.

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