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Mongolian Education Alliance is looking for a qualified candidate for the position of program director of step by step program
Нийтэлсэн: Бүрэнжаргал
Огноо: 2009-09-15
The Program Director will report to the Executive Director of the MEA and will be responsible for all strategic planning and implementation of the Step by Step program in Mongolia. This involves:
·          development of a strategy for continuing implementation of Step by Step’s child-centered and community-based early childhood approaches throughout Mongolia; this will include implementation of ongoing grants and initiatives, establishment of stronger links between the Step by Step program and other programs within MEA and identifying new opportunities and partnerships to promote the early childhood agenda in Mongolia;
·          overseeing program trainers and program staff, who are responsible for implementing the Step by Step program in Mongolia; this includes all aspects of project management: managing a small team of program staff, applying for funds, selection of project sites, organization and monitoring of training, grants to program schools, ongoing mentoring and professional development of teachers in the program, development of program budgets, management of all contracts, program reports and paperwork;
·          development of measures towards long-term sustainability of MEA’s early childhood initiatives, which ensures formal recognition of the program, as well as adequate training and expert capacity and funding. This will involve building on existing partnerships and developing new partnerships, successfully applying and then implementing grants from third party funders, income generating activities, and the development of training programs at universities, pedagogic institutes, teacher training colleges and re-training institutes and model training centers at program schools;
·          building and maintaining a strong network of relationships with partners and agencies involved in early childhood in Mongolia, including relevant Ministries and local governments, teacher training institutions, relevant national and international non-governmental organizations, UN agencies, bi-lateral and other funders.
·          positioning MEA in national early childhood strategy and policy development processes in partnership with the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health and other national bodies, local government officials in the participating communities.
·          active participation in the membership association of Step by Step NGOs (ISSA - www.issa.nl), contributing to strategic planning, implementation of activities under specific program and networking strands and maintaining the agreed governance structure of the Association;
·          5 years experience or expertise in the child-centered early childhood education and a commitment to community-based programs that acknowledge parents as partners; an advanced degree in Early Childhood or a related field will be given preference;
·          Deep knowledge of the Mongolian pre-school and primary education system as well as knowledge of international best practice around early childhood development, education and inclusion issues;
·          Established networks with key agencies and experts involved in early education and development in Mongolia
·          Ability to manage budgets, contracts and grants, including all reports
·          The ability to manage staff using a team approach; Interpersonal skills and maturity
·          The ability to collaborate with a wide range of actors at all levels, including Ministry staff, parents, local government officials, professors, etc..
·          Ability to work with staff from other countries and international experts to organize joint trainings and program activities
·          Ability to travel both within and out of the country
·          Good communication skills in English.
If you possess the above qualifications, please submit in a sealed envelope your application letter along with your Curriculum Vitae, 2 reference letters and notarized copies of University Diplomas to the following address no later than 17:00 hours, 1 October 2009:

Mongolian Education Alliance
Sukhbaatar district, 1st khoroo,
Chinggis Avenue 15/1
Ulaanbaatar 28
Mongolia 210628
Tel: 324285
PS: submitted documents will not be returned to the applicant,and only those short-listedwill be contacted.
More detailed information about the organization and the program is available atwww.mea.org.mn and www.mongoleducation.mn  
Or by e-mail burnee@mea.org.mn

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